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How to use the Plants to Buy feature in Ideas Genie
In forum discussions, please refer to the step numbers below to report any areas of difficulty.

1. Start the program Plants and Gardens - GA004
Use the Gardener pop-up to select Plants to Buy

2. Referring to the screenshot, notice how:

  • the Gardener caption changes to SPECIAL
  • The Garden Area caption changes to Plant/Seed Suppliers
  • The Plants in this Garden Area tag is automatically selected
  • a new button appears with the caption: Print Order (explained below)

3. Click the Supplier Catalogs button.
Screen GA004S20 appears.

4. Referring to the screenshot, Add a new Supplier profile if necessary.
Be sure to enter the Suppliers web address (URL) in the Supplier Profile screen (GA100S11)
If URL is entered the Go to suppliers website hyperlink button will be enabled.
Click the hyperlink button to visit the supplier website.
Locate a catalog item of interest and leave the Browser and web page open.
You will need the details from this web page for the following steps.

5. Referring to the screenshot, click the Add/Get a plant button.
Screen GA100S00 appears

6. Referring to the screenshot, use the controls to either add a plant or find and select an existing plant.
In this demo, we select an exiting plant.
Screen GA100S21 appears

7. Referring to the screenshot, fill in as much detail as possible.
Do this by clicking the Browser tab (already opened above) and copy and paste from the Supplier website.
Right click and select Properties to find the respective URLs of the web page and image
In particular, enter the URL of the web page of the catalog item and the URL of the image if available.
Then click the Add button. Screen GA004S20 reappears.

8. Referring to the screenshot, note how your new catalog item is listed in the left panel.
Key in a quantity and then click the arrow button to add a catalog item to your list of Plants to Buy.
Repeat the process to add more catalog items and build up your Plants to Buy list.

9. Referring to this Screenshot, note how you can compare the prices with other suppliers (you need to add equivalent catalog items for the plants from other suppliers)
You can return to this screen at any time to edit, remove or Buy on-line.

10. To buy an item on-line, click the Go to Catalog Web Page button on either GA004S20 or GA004S21 (for this to work, you need to have entered the URL of the Buy page for the catalog item)
When you have finished adding Catalog items and building up your Plants to Buy list, click the Done button
The initial screen, GA004S01 appears.

11. Make sure you have selected:

  1. Plants to Buy from the pop-up
  2. the supplier used in your exercise
  3. Plants in this Garden Area

When you make the correct selection:

  • the list of items in your Plants to Buy from that supplier appears.
  • in this mode, a Print Order button appears
  • the number of items in your order and the total value is indicated
  • you can double click on an item to reach the Plant Profile screen GA100S36 as normal.
    In GA100S36, you can click the Sources tab and click a catalog item to reach screen GA004S21.
    where you can Buy online (see more info below)
  • to edit your Plants to Buy list or to add more catalog items, click the Supplier Catalogs button.
    Screen GA004S20 will appear. You can Buy on-line from screen GA004S20 by clicking Go to Catalog Web Page
    You can double click on a Catalog item to edit. Screen GA004S21 will appear. This screen gives more detail about the item and also features a Go to Catalog Web Page hyperlink button

In Screen GA004S01, click the Print Order button. Screen GA004S08 appears.

12. In this screen:

  • Select a Gardener profile from your database here. Click the WW (=Work with) button to edit or add a Gardener profile. Make sure you enter a full postal address. It is used when printing your order.
  • Enter the delivery costs
  • Type any special notes about your order

Click the Print Preview or Print Order button. Your order will look like this.

Theres an additional feature to explain.
In the initial screen of GA004 find and double click to edit one of the plants which now has a Catalog item.
Screen GA100S36 (the Plants Profile Screen) appears.

  • Click the Sources button
  • Any Catalog items you have created will appear.
    Note that catalog items for ALL suppliers appear in one list

    Buying on line:
  • With Sources selected, double click on a catalog item
  • Screen GA004S21 will appear (its the same screen as used above)
  • You can Buy on line from the screen GA004S21
    Click the Go to Catalog Web Page button
  • Most supplier websites set cookies to keep a record of what you have added to your Basket.
    This means you can select numerous Catalog Items for any number of plants in Ideas Genie and buy on line by adding to one single online order.

End of demo...
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