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Upgrades for Ideas Genie and Ideas Genie Pro Users. 

The prices apply to ALL Countries
On this page:

  1. Choose an Upgrade
  2. Receiving your licences
  3. Installing your upgrade
  4. Importing your data

1. Choose an upgrade method - please read carefully.
Use options 1(a) for a CD or 1(b) to upgrade by a download
Upgrade from: Ideas Genie OR Ideas Genie Pro (any version)

Option 1(a) - Upgrade to Ideas Genie Pro 6 - as a download
Single licence - £20.00 GBP Add to Basket
Two licences - £28.00 GBP Add to Basket
(Conversion to other currencies will be shown when you Add to Basket)

Option 1(b) - Upgrade to Ideas Genie Pro 6 - CD supplied
Single licence - £24.00 GBP Add to Basket
Two licences - £32.00 GBP Add to Basket
(Conversion to other currencies will be shown when you Add to Basket)

2. Receiving your licences
If you choose a download option, your licence(s) will be sent to you by email shortly after you place your order.
If you choose to order your upgrade on CD, you will receive an email with your licence(s) details and notification of despatch details for your package.

3. Installing your upgrade

Do NOT un-install your previous version of Ideas Genie or Ideas Genie Pro
You will need the old data files in this upgrade operation.
You may also Import your files from a CD or Flash for upgrading.

Install Ideas Genie Pro 6 from the download link, or from the CD supplied.
We recommend that you donít change any settings during the installation process.
When the software is installed, you will find a new icon on your desktop.
The icon has the text:- Ideas Genie Pro 6
Double click the new icon
Register the program (your licence will be sent to you by email)
4.. Importing your data
Click File Tab on  Menu.
Start the program Import and Upgrade - GA694
Click the Help button in the screen which appears and read about the upgrade process.
The folder settings (new and old) should be correct.
Click the Do Test button. The program tests the files you are importing.
You should get a message indicating that the files are OK
Click the Start the Upgrade button
The program does the import and upgrade.
In one step, data from your OLD installation is imported into the Version 5 environment, then upgraded.

And thats it!


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