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About Special Programs

Download and use the following special programs ONLY IF you have been in contact with
In each case, when downloaded and installed:

  • Start Ideas Genie Pro (or Bonsai Genie)
  • Run the program Systems> Special - GA901
  • Read the HELP on that screen

Program GA901 (05)
Special No 5 - Issue date 29th Aug 2006
This is a special FIX program.
Download File: GA901-05-dl.exe

Program GA901 (06)
Special No 6 - Version 10 - Issue  date 4th July 2007
This is a special program for applying Database alterations.
Download File: GA901-06-dl.exe

Progam GA901 (07)
Download File: GA901-07-dl.exe
Special No 7 - Version 12 - Issue  date 5th Oct 2008
This is a special program for applying Database alterations.

About Special Programs
The program Special-GA901 has many purposes.
You’ll find it on the System menu tab.

All other programs on all other menu tabs have a single purpose.
GA901 is different. It is variable in purpose, and in every instance, special in purpose.

Its best explained by example.

 Lets say some problem arose on a customers computer.
I may be able to write a program to test for, and fix the problem.
I would compile the program with the program name GA901.
I can then publish this on the web site for the customer to download.
I can then ask the customer to download the program and do the fix.
The GA901 downloaded will overwrite the previous version of GA901 on the users computer.
The beauty of his method is that you dont have to download a new Menu.
The option to run, Special-GA901, is already on the menu.

That was the original purpose for that menu option.
It has proved to be a versatile feature, and has proved useful in other instances.

Here are a few examples of different instances of GA901

Example 1
Purpose: As a FIX program

Trevor from England reported that IG Pro gave a System Error when running a tutorial for the Tasks program.
He was able to inform me that this occured when he got to the step where a Calendar was to appear.
I did some research, developed a fix program and compiled it as GA901.
The IG Pro user then downloads, installs and runs GA901 - Special to perform the fix.

Example 2
Purpose: To make Database alterations
Ideas Genie Pro is continually evolving.
Some new features require small alterations to the database tables.
Ive developed a program to test your computer, and apply the alterations if they are required.
The IG Pro user then downloads, installs and runs GA901 - Special to perform the fix.

Note: The latest version of GA901 will include all fixes.

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