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Upgrading to Bonsai Genie 5

This page has the link to the Download program for the Upgrade

Read over the instructions for Ideas Genie Pro. The instructions are the same for Bonsai Genie

Import and Upgrade Instructions

After you have installed your software from the new CD
Download the Import/Upgrade Program - GA204 by clicking the link below

 Download GA204 (File name GA204-dl.exe)

Install this program as you would a normal program update.
You do not have to change any settings during the download (provided you allowed all the default settings when installing Bonsai Genie 5.
By default, the Program will be installed in this folder:
c:\program files\ideasforgardens\Bonsai Genie 5\

Follow the remainder of the instructions. Click the link below.

Import and Upgrade Instructions

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