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Lessons & Tutorials - suitable for Beginners
Step by step exercises with screen shots all the way to help you master Ideas Genie. Enjoy!!

  • Lesson 2
    In lesson 2 we will define a Gardener Profile (i.e. for you!). Then we will show you how to define your very own Garden Divisions and Garden Areas. We’ll finish the lesson by showing you how to add plants to your database and how to add these plants to garden areas.
  • Lesson 3
    In Lesson 3 we will go through the steps to Link your Garden Photos (e.g. jpgs) to Garden Areas and to identify the Plants in the photograph by setting co-ordinates to (lassooing) plant images.
     Don’t worry if you don’t have any photos. A sample is provided for you to download in the “Class Handouts” so you can complete the exercise
  • A selection of useful Tutorials
  • Understanding Ideas Genie Principles

Step by step - What you can do with Ideas Genie.
Lessons, Demos, Projects and Challenges

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